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You want to have the best possible drum sound? DrumChecker aids you with tuning, choice of drumheads and handy products like the KICK-ASS reso head.


KICK-ASS1 Reso-Head

  • the fattest kick on earth
  • the deepest bass drum sound possible - up to an octave deeper than other drumheads
  • optimal positioning damps impure overtones which corrupt the sound


the guide - tuned in 5 minutes!
  • The concentrated knowledge for awesome drumsound!
  • In B5 format with 40 pages text only
  • No unnecessary giant pictures, no big text and no unneeded bla bla to blow it up to a hundred pages


innovative bass drum damper for every head
  • inspired by the Evans EMAD resonance head, but greatly improved and compatible with every drumhead
  • sounds much better than the original
  • only for 5


Even the best drum won’t sound good with the wrong drumheads and the wrong tuning. And THAT is the crux of the matter, THAT is what the Drumchecker is going to do!

There are many details that alter the sound: drumshell types and sizes, drumhead types and manufacturers, hoops, bearing edge, tuning, damping etc. In most cases you’ll disregard that due to the pricing and that’s understandable, but with the choice of the drumheads and tuning you’ll get far without spending too much money! That is why I turn my attention to that when checking. I try drumheads and tuning until we got the optimal sound for the particular drum and your taste.

Of course a beech or cottonwood drumshell won’t sound like maple. But even with those sleazy buckets a usable sound is possible, when the manufacture is okay. When the bearing edge is uneven or the drum isn’t quite round (that happens even with expensive shells!), then of course we can’t get a good sound!

I offer my services in different packages for you:

Check a single drum (max. 1h): € 60.-

First rating of a set (max. 1h): € 60.-

Drumset checking standard (BD, Sd, 3 Toms, max. 4h): € 215.-

Drumset checking intensive (max. 6h): € 315.-

Drumset checking professional (max. 8h): € 390.-

Discount when buying a new set via me: 20 %

For the small wallet, only tune a set: € 60.-
(all drumheads are already on, max. 1h)

Discount for students: 15 %

All prices incl. 19 % VAT., plus material costs (i.e. drumheads) and drive (€ 0,60 per kilometre as in google maps). I suggest bringing the drum to the studio, because the optimal acoustics can help to properly rate the sound. Also you can hear other sets in comparison here.


You could say i don't sell drumsets but drumsounds! The sets you get from me sound consistently better than in their original condition thanks to my »drum checking«. No matter if cheap or expensive, every set will be checked individually and supplied with the best fitting drumheads. But attention: after my fancy! If you like the set how it is, it can be a real bargain, because the checking (ca. €190.- per set) and fitting heads (ca. €150.- per set) are already included in the pricing! But if you're looking for YOUR sound, we don't get around checking it again. We also procure sets and got single pieces like snares and cymbals here, all ready for you to try. A drumset is something you have to test play yourself and it has to kick YOU. So please come along and check it, i don't like to mail sets as it is time-consuming and expensive. I gladly provide advice for buying a new set and/or arrange it, so that it sounds good - since it normally doesn't at first!

Premier Classic Maple


In my recording studio I offer recordings in high-end-quality, using the best microphones, preamps and converters (up to 96 kHz, 24 bit). In addition I have quite a few optimized drumsets, snares, cymbals etc. ready. There is something for every taste and of course you can bring your own instrument, which I will check thoroughly for you (included in the day rate). Approximately one day should be calculated for sound check (first the drums, then the miking etc.) and after that you’re ready to go and record. The studio (incl. checking, excl. material) costs € 400.- after-tax per day (8 hours) plus 7 % oder 19 % VAT (depending on the work).


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Christian Vaida – the DrumChecker!

As an audio engineer and musician I have occupied myself with drumsound for more than 20 years. In my recording studio  I have done many drum recordings, read books about tuning, combed through bulletin boards, tested lots of tips, watched videos and practiced tuning for days. However, the drums never sounded like I wanted them to. There is definitely no other musical instrument that is as difficult to tune as the drum. Drumshell, batter head and resonance head are such a complex and chaotic system that you can never fully predict how it’s going to sound. Almost every drummer I know felt the way I did – and I know a lot of them!
But after an intensive training course with Germanys best-known drum tech Udo Masshoff (i.e. Die Ärzte, Nena, Reamonn, Bela B., Lionel Richie, …) this changed completely. Ever since I’ve been able to make loads of sets sound great, no matter if old or new, expensive or cheap. And because it’s so much fun, I’m looking forward to do YOUR drumsound as well!


cvmusic film/ton

This is my studio, check it out!

Masshoff Drums

Udo teached me tuning and much more. An awesome checker!


The best drums i’ve ever heard. This guy is a real checker!


Write to the checker! I’m looking forward to your questions, wishes, ideas and suggestions.
My direct contact: info(at), Tel.: +49-7321-720242


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